Workflow Automation

Get a holistic view of the site and a clear perspective of the instances, details, statuses and connectivity. Customize the way the instances are grouped and define your own view of your site.

You can automate anything – from simple software setup and configuration to complicated application deployment on your site. ActiveGrid lets you define, view, publish, execute and schedule workflows to be run on various instances.

  • Define a workflow with the necessary scripts.
  • Visualize the workflow as a sequence of steps with our graphical UI. The scripts associated with every step are shown.
  • Configure all the group and host variables in your scripts and build an inventory.
  • You can publish workflows to be executed by your team on various instances.
  • Execute the workflows and view the live execution status of every step in the workflow and the corresponding logs and reports.
  • Schedule workflows to be automated at a periodic interval and frequency on instances.