Cloud discovery

Discover your cloud in a quick way and setup a site of instances, volumes, snapshots, auto-scaling groups, ELBs and reserved instances. Get a comprehensive visualization of the site.

Key management and Application discovery

Let ActiveGrid take the responsibility of managing your instance keys. Discover processes and applications running on the instances. Discover connections between instances.

Integration with APM servers

Incorporate monitoring metrics and instance health information into your site by associating it with the APM server that your deployment uses.

Network Topology Visualization

Get a holistic view of the site and a clear perspective of the instances, details, statuses and connectivity. Customize the way the instances are grouped and define your own view of your site.

Workflow Automation

You can automate anything – from simple software setup and configuration to complicated application deployment on your site. ActiveGrid lets you define, view, publish, execute and schedule workflows to be run on various instances.

Multi-terminal Command Invocation

Experience a terminal like view to execute shell commands simultaneously on multiple instances. Analyze the results and statuses of the commands run. Construct and export the obtained results as reports.